Bedroom with built-in desk & Loft

Project Overview

Our client approached us to create a new bedroom for their daughter – one that balanced function with comfort, with features that catered to her needs and hobbies. Specifically, she wanted a quiet space to do her homework and study, as well as an area to read that felt separate from her bed.

loft bed
Bedroom Design

DESIGN Process

We worked together on a design that included a bed, a desk area for schoolwork and crafts, and a cozy loft for her love for reading. We used “shiplap” to define the sleeping space, which was custom-built with a ledge at the headboard and niche to the side – perfect for storage. We also installed task lighting to make the space functional and bright – the perfect solution for virtual learning!

From the Owners

“Trust – that is most important to me. I trust George, Mike, and the team. The quality of their work is worth every penny. Custom Craft did a fantastic job. Brittany clearly understood our vision and the team brought it to life. We are so happy with the results. Their execution, communication and professionalism is top notch. I would highly recommend Custom Craft.”

-Michelle B.

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