Multi-Purpose Basement: Reimagined for Relaxation & Function

Project Overview

This client wanted to convert her unfinished basement into a livable space in an effort to utilize its full potential.  Hight on the list of priorities was to create a multi-functional layout for relaxation, entertainment, and hosting guests. 

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we broke the space into three distinct sections: a living room, game room, and bonus room with a guest bathroom.  She desired an inviting neutral palette with unique, eye-catching details to elevate the various areas.

Before Basement with Ping-Pong Table
Slide for Before and After Comparison
Basement Ray Trace

DESIGN Process

To make the space feel warm and attractive, we decided on a rustic aesthetic that would make guests and visitors feel at home. We used reclaimed lumber to craft customized pieces for the beams, columns, and brick wall opening headers, creating a timeless and rustic look (in an eco-friendly way!). We complemented this with faux-brick to add to the warm aesthetic of this room.

The focal wall featured a brick façade and custom niches to hang a TV and display decorative items. We added an extra touch of unique detail by leaving the ceiling joists
exposed and spraying the ceiling a charcoal gray.

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Yes, your basement could be this amazing!

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