North Wales tranquil Master Suite

Project Overview

These North Wales homeowners needed to update, refresh, and reimagine their master suite to better suit their needs and style. Their goals were to:

– Enlarge the shower

– Craft a vanity area 

– Add storage

Remodeling is often a matter of repurposing. Here, the master suite had plenty of square footage, but much of it wasn’t used — while other areas felt cluttered and dated. Now, every corner serves a purpose and is perfectly tailored to their taste. 

Alcove Before Dressing Alcove
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Alcove Ray Trace

DESIGN Process

The master bedroom’s dark alcove became a vanity area with room to unwind with some yoga at the end of the day. We brightened the space with a glamorous chandelier, ambient lights on top of the cabinets, and an illuminated mirror. We even added specialty storage to keep makeup and jewelry well-organized and easy to access. This couple also loves their reorganized closet, where added storage makes the same space feel bigger and more functional. 

In the bathroom, we added storage by installing a large double vanity and open shelving. Now, the room feels clean, uncluttered, and serene. Removing the large and unused corner tub made room for a spacious shower complete with a bench, unique accent tile, and a high-tech U by Moen showerhead. New windows allow warm, natural light in and are high enough to ensure privacy. 

The homeowners are thrilled to have a space to relax and recharge that reflects their personalities, and we’re so happy to have helped them achieve their goals!    

From the Owners

“We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, organization, and craftsmanship provided by the folks at Custom Craft! From the time spent understanding our project needs, to the customized design planning, we felt that this was an amazing value. The actual renovation was executed with such professionalism and cleanliness that we wanted to add more projects! ”

– Mike & Carolyn S.

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