Serene Blue Bell Yoga Studio & family Room

Project Overview

This basement transformation was part of a multi-room project in Blue Bell. The family called us to create a comfortable and functional finished basement that left plenty of room for storage, mechanicals, and laundry, all with a splash of serene charm.

The new lower level is the perfect place for the homeowner to practice yoga alone or teach it to a crowd — virtually for now, and eventually as a full, in-person studio. We made the room a peaceful and practical space, maximizing natural lighting and pulling in soft, organic elements that make it a mind-body oasis.

Slide for Before and After Comparison
Family Room BEFORE Family room AFTER

DESIGN Process

Each detail in their new space not only adds visual interest, but also serves an important function. An egress window provides rare natural lighting to the basement and opens possibilities for an extra bedroom in the future. Additionally, the exposed joist ceiling maximizes ceiling height for those high-reaching yoga poses. We even installed a calming stone accent wall that adds so much character, even in its simplicity. Complementing this wall and bringing even more warmth is gorgeous, wood-look luxury vinyl flooring.

Far from its cold, dark beginnings, this space is now a peaceful sanctuary and a perfect place to practice.

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