Warm & Welcoming Lafayette Hill Kitchen

Project Overview

While the idea of leaving your childhood home completely unchanged could bring a comforting sense of nostalgia, for this Lafayette Hill client, it also posed a bit of a challenge. The kitchen he’d known his whole life was very small with little storage.  Additionally, the layout was awkward — with a peninsula blocking the path to the outdoor deck and causing congestion while preparing meals.

Our clients were looking to convert the closed-off kitchen, dining room, and office into an open layout space where they could entertain, cook dinner for their family and friends, and walk freely around the house without so many obstacles in the way. The Custom Craft team was happy to help with a new layout, expanded space, and modern updates that would improve both look and function.  

Before Kitchen after
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Living Room RayTrace

DESIGN Process

Removing a wall and expanding the kitchen into the office gave us more square footage to work with. It also allowed us to move the peninsula to the other side of the room, providing a clear path to the door leading outside. We crafted an elegant pantry wall in the reclaimed office area to maximize storage space. Glass cabinet doors display keepsakes, and a striking walnut countertop provides an extra workspace and a spot for bulky appliances.

The walnut accents continue in the living room with the shelves in the built-in cabinets and the fireplace mantel. Just below the mantel, the refreshing new Old World Stone Veneer Quartzite fireplace surround dramatically changes the room’s overall feel.

This childhood home has an all-new look, with enough storage to stay tidy and organized and plenty of open space to cook and enjoy a meal with ease. Best of all, the modern style is still warm and inviting — just ask the family dog, Hank, who loves his cozy spot by the fire.           

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