Barn Doors: Functional Beauty for Your Home

Blossom Cafe

We recently installed a sliding barn door inside Blossom Café, Skippack’s fabulous new spot for coffee, community, and carbs. The sleek door hides all the behind-the-scenes clutter that wouldn’t be conducive to the calm coffeehouse, while adding a bit of farmhouse style.

Barn doors aren’t just for businesses, however. Homeowners in Lansdale and beyond are discovering the benefits of these practical, versatile, and gorgeous entryways. Wondering if a barn door is right for you? Here are four reasons we think they’re great:

Savvy Space Saving

While traditional doors need clearance to swing out, sliding barn doors only need wall space. Especially in a smaller room, that extra square footage could make a big difference for better flow or fitting in that extra piece of furniture.

Barn Door

Sleek & Silent Slide

Well-built barn doors slide smoothly and effortlessly along a track mounted above a doorway. In fact, today’s modern tracks offer virtually silent movement, so you don’t have to worry about squeaky hinges or slammed doors. Even children can slide them easily and without the risk of a pinched finger.

Barn Door

Completely Customizable

Many people think of barn doors as rustic or shabby chic. While the farmhouse look certainly is an option, they also come in endless other styles that complement any design aesthetic. Wood or metal, distressed or sleek, extra-wide or slim, there is a barn door to fit any space.

Barn Door

Form and Function

Barn doors are unique in that they are both functional and stunning. While they are more popular than ever, they are still distinctive conversation starters that feel more like works of art. Many barn doors actually are original works of art, featuring things like inlaid mosaics, murals, and glass patterns.

Barn doors are a hot trend that’s showing no signs of cooling down. Interested in adding their artistic charm to your home? Custom Craft’s design team can offer an array of options for every style. Contact us today to get started!

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