Ice Cream

A Sweet Guide to Lansdale’s Best Ice Cream Spots

It’s ice cream season! After long days remodeling homes in the summer heat, our crews love to indulge in cool, creamy treats — and we have strong feelings about our favorite spots!

From old-fashioned ice cream parlors to modern creameries dishing up unique flavors, Lansdale has fantastic local options for an icy summer indulgence. Here are some of our top picks for the best ice cream around town:

Freddy Hill Farms

In addition to their family-friendly fun center with mini golf, driving ranges, and batting cages, Freddy Hill Farms dishes up delicious homemade ice cream. Using milk and cream from local dairies, their ice cream has an incredibly rich, creamy texture. Be sure to try one of their fruit-swirled flavors like peach or raspberry.

Merrymead Farm

This family-owned farm and dairy has been a local favorite for decades, serving up some of the richest and creamiest ice cream around. Made with milk from their own cows, Merrymead’s ice cream is incredibly fresh and flavorful. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to unique seasonal offerings like blueberry and pumpkin, their ever-changing menu keeps things exciting.

Sundae World

Sundae World is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that will transport you back in time with its nostalgic vibe. In addition to hand-dipped scoops in a wide array of flavors, they’re also known for their thick milkshakes, sundaes, and banana splits. Be sure to try one of their signature creations!

The Main Freeze

Soft serve, soda floats, hand-dipped cones and more abound at this affordable Lansdale staple. Keep tabs on their Facebook page for specials, donation nights, and discounts!


No matter your ice cream preferences, the Lansdale area has something to satisfy every craving. From old-fashioned scoops to modern rolled creations and premium small-batch flavors, these local spots are serving up some of the best, cold, sweet treats around this summer.

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