bathroom remodel

To tub, or not to tub. That is the bathroom remodel question.

Is a bathtub the right option for your bathroom remodel?

bathroom remodel

When remodeling a hall or master bathroom, some homeowners have elected to remove bathtubs in favor of enclosed shower stalls. A variety of factors from lifestyle preference, to resale value, to safety concerns have contributed to this trend. But a growing number of homeowners are adopting a hybrid approach that allows them to keep their bathtubs, while also incorporating a low or zero threshold shower. The bathroom featured here is a good example of this hybrid approach.

While there is no right or wrong answer, whether or not to maintain a bathtub in the space is an important question to consider when planning a bathroom renovation. If your family members enjoy a regular, or even an occasional soak in the bathtub, then the answer is most likely “Yes”.

At Custom Craft, when we meet with clients to plan a bathroom remodel, we ask numerous lifestyle questions like this to learn how you currently use your existing space, any frustrations you are experiencing, as well as your goals for the new space. By taking the time to fully understand your needs, we can better deliver a renovated space that will provide long-term satisfaction.

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