Before and After: Exploring Pre- & Post-Pandemic Bathroom Trends

Remember 2020? It’s hard to believe that was only three years ago! We were in the early days of the pandemic and spending much more time than ever before in our homes. The more time people spent at home — living, working, and even going to school — the more they dreamed of transforming the space they had into the place they loved. Bathrooms were particularly popular remodels; after all, who doesn’t want a home spa, especially in stressful times?

We revisited the top bathroom trends of 2020 and discovered that while they’re still going strong, 2023 bathroom styles have evolved in some surprising ways. Here’s what we’re seeing today:

Curbless Shower

2023 Bathroom Trend: Just the Shower, Ma’am.

Three years ago, the debate surrounding showers and tubs revolved around whether they should be combined or separated. Combined can be a great space-saver, but a separate soaking tub is a lovely luxury.

Today’s homeowners, on the other hand, aren’t just open to a separate tub and shower — many are wondering whether tubs are necessary at all.

A clear advantage of forgoing the tub is that it leaves more room for an oversized, spacious shower. While showers may be more practical than baths, they can still be every bit as luxurious. Sleek glass enclosures, accent tile, and multiple shower heads are just a few shower trends to enhance your daily routine.

Owners Shower

2023 Bathroom Trend: Back to Bold

Neutral color palettes dominated 2020 bathroom designs, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Whites, greys, and browns were the top choices, looking elegant, sophisticated, and clean. Neutral colors also worked well with the emerging trend of incorporating house plants, natural materials, and earthy textures into bathroom décor.

Shower After

As we fast forward to today, a bold new trend has emerged: the use of vibrant and striking paint colors and textures. Homeowners and designers are now embracing deep blues, rich greens, and even lively jewel tones to infuse personality and create a focal point within the bathroom space. Fluted wall panels add exciting texture and depth and provide an interesting new way to decorate. This shift towards more dramatic looks reflects a desire for uniqueness and individuality, breaking away from the safe and predictable designs of the past.

Crystal Vanity light

2023 Bathroom Trend: Statement Lighting

Three years ago, heated floors were hailed as the epitome of luxury in bathrooms. Homeowners loved the comfort of a warm bathroom floor — especially on cold winter mornings.

While heated floors remain popular, a new trend has taken center stage: statement lighting. Today’s bathrooms are adorned with eye-catching pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces that serve as both functional fixtures and decorative elements. These dramatic lighting choices add a touch of sophistication and personality, transforming the bathroom into a space of elegance and visual appeal.

The trends of 2020 are far from outdated. In fact, most of what was popular then is timeless and will be enjoyed for years to come. Will 2023’s dramatic style stick around? We think so. Personal statements are always popular, and a remodel is the perfect way to make your home feel more like you.

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