Meet Your New Kitchen Crush: The French Door Oven

Montgomery County homeowners frequently request French doors in their home remodels, from patio doors to office entrances to refrigerators. Recently, the elegant look and indisputable convenience of French doors are finding sizzling success in a new spot — the oven! 

What is a French Door Oven?

While traditional ovens have a single door that opens from the top down, French door ovens have two doors that swing open from the center. French door ovens are available as part of a free-standing range or wall ovens. They can be a single unit or part of a double oven. In this first-floor remodel in Perkasie, the Custom Craft team installed a double wall oven with a French door opening at the top. Whichever style you choose, there are several advantages you’ll enjoy. 

French Door Wall Oven

What are the Advantages of French Door Ovens?

Space-Saving Convenience

Traditional ovens extend an average of 20 inches into the kitchen floor space when open. This can present a challenge while cooking and create a lot of congestion, especially in tight spaces. French Door ovens take up significantly less floor space, leaving home cooks free to maneuver around, even with other people in the kitchen. This way, any awkward dancing in the kitchen is strictly intentional. 

Ergonomic Accessibility

Pulling a heavy roasting pan out of the oven can be a pain in the, well, back. Reaching into an oven with a large, hot door open in front of you puts your body in an awkward position and can strain your muscles. With a French Door oven, there is no barrier between you and your tasty creation, making it as effortless to take out that sheet of cookies as it will be to eat them. Furthermore, many are designed so that both doors open simultaneously, so you can hold your cake pan with one hand and open the oven wide with the other. 

Elegant, Sophisticated Style

Nothing brings timeless elegance to the look of your home quite like French doors. French door ovens are no exception and can become a stunning focal point in the kitchen. The double doors with sleek handles are reminiscent of European architecture, instantly enhancing your heart of the home whether your style is modern, rustic, traditional, or anything in-between. 

Location Flexibility

In any kitchen, oven placement is usually limited since it needs to be near the refrigerator and sink for optimal cooking convenience. This can create challenges and design limitations, especially in a small area. With a French door oven, there is more flexibility in placement, as they can still function in a tight space.

French Door wall oven

Why are French Door Ovens Popular? 

We’ve gone over the advantages of French door ovens, but are those enough to make the switch? Many homeowners are saying yes. Here’s why: 

Aging in Place

Most of America’s seniors say they would prefer to age in place — meaning they would like to remain in their homes for as long as possible. To accomplish this, certain accommodations need to take place to make the home safer. French door ovens provide easy access and are safer for homeowners in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues.

Tiny Homes

Many homeowners today choose, or stay in, smaller homes for cost savings. With tiny homes come tiny kitchens, and a French door wall oven is a great solution when space is limited.

Social Cooking

Custom Craft clients say they love having company while cooking but find it hard to move around when extra people are in the kitchen. With the space-saving advantages of a French door oven, there’s more open floor space and less congestion. As a bonus, the stylish look of a French door oven will impress even the most hard-to-please guest.

Are French Door Ovens, French Ovens, and Dutch Ovens the Same? 

When researching French door ovens, remember they are not the same as French ovens. French ovens are large, versatile, cast-iron pots used for braising, baking, sautéing, and more. They are very similar to Dutch ovens — the main difference being the enamel coating on the outside which allows them to be painted vibrant colors.  

Combining functionality with exquisite style, French door ovens are the next big thing in Montgomery County kitchens. Contact us to learn how to bring the classy convenience of a French door oven to your home.

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