Considerations for your bathroom remodel

Rainshower-Bath2When discussing bathroom design with our clients, storage needs are inevitably brought into the conversation. Most clients have concerns about the lack of storage space in their current bathrooms which leads to messy, cluttered counters among other challenges. Not surprisingly, in nearly every bathroom we design, additional storage space is a major design objective. Here are a few storage options to consider for your next bathroom:

  • Cabinetry above vanity
  • Custom drawers and cabinets with electric receptacles
  • Tall storage units
  • Open storage spaces

Features for the Shower

An often overlooked, but critical area for storage is around the shower and tub. Corner shelves are commonly used, but a better option is a storage niche if budget allows. A niche is more costly since it involves additional labor and materials. With that said, the cost is offset by the ample benefits they offer including more convenient access to bottles of cleansers, space efficiency, and aesthetics. From a designer’s perspective, a niche also allows for more creativity within the tile design.

Benches for larger shower areas, or foot ledges in smaller showers, are also on the must have list. A few other must haves are grab bars for current needs or planning for the future. Fortunately, the grab bar style, size and finish options are not as limited as they were at one time. It is very likely that you can find a style that compliments the plumbing fixtures that will be used.

For plumbing fixtures, more than one shower head is often desired. If more than one person uses the shower, preferences may differ. One family member may want a rain shower mounted to the ceiling or wall to provide a spa-like experience, while another may prefer a hand shower on a slide-bar which gives more flexibility. The latter also comes in handy for cleaning the shower.

As for shower doors, there are numerous options. Depending on budget, there are standard sizes with finish options or there are custom sizes using framed or frameless doors and panels.

Another consideration is a curbless shower. The advantage of this style is that it reduces the risk of tripping and falling while entering or exiting the shower. Regardless of age, many homeowners are selecting this style of shower because of its clean, streamlined look.

More Bathroom Ideas

For more bathroom design ideas, please view our Houzz Bathroom Shower Organization Ideabook. This should inspire you for your upcoming project. As always, if you have any questions about your bathroom remodel, please do not hesitate to contact us at (610) 584-0665, or via email at: info@customcraftcontractors.com.