Tips For Taking Better Pictures This Holiday Season

Photography Tip for Your Next Holiday Gathering

With the holiday season right around the corner, there will be plenty of family photos capturing the moments. Our project estimator and amateur photographer, Mike Foering, offers a simple suggestion for taking better and more interesting pictures. Mike suggests composing your pictures using, “The Rule of Thirds”. It is a simple concept to implement and can result in dramatic improvements to your pictures.

In its simplest form, the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking down your photograph into thirds both vertically and horizontally (so you have 9 equal segments – think tic-tac-toe board). The rule states that if you place your subject or point of interest along one of the lines or intersection points, you will create a more balanced, visually engaging picture. Some examples include: place subject’s eyes at intersection point, locate horizon line along horizontal line, offset subject from center along a vertical line. Try using the “Rule of Thirds” in your photography this holiday season. You may just take your best pictures yet.