Top Seven Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to Make Your Kitchen Yours

Are you looking to make your kitchen more unique? Enter kitchen cabinet accessories! Not only can you add some flair to the space, you can also add functionality and organization for your needs.  Accessories can be added to cabinets and drawers, enhancing both the inside space and outside look. In this blog post we review some of our favorites.

Here are the top seven kitchen cabinet accessories to consider:

Charging Drawer
  1. Charging station:

Are you tired of looking at wires and devices charging on the kitchen counter? We have the perfect solution for you – a charging drawer! Add a plug into a kitchen drawer or cabinet and use that space specifically for charging. You can store chargers there and when needed, plug your phone in for a charge

Bread Drawer

2. Bread box:

To keep bread fresh, people have been using bread boxes for many (many) years. But adding a cumbersome accessory to your counter isn’t ideal which is why bread drawers are great. It combines the function of a bread box with the space-saving qualities of a drawer.


3. LeMans:

Installing a LeMans set eliminates frustrating blind corners and will maximize storage. The swivel shelves allow you to reach things stowed in the cabinet that you otherwise would not be able to access. 

Pull Out Pantry

4. Pull-outs:

Pull out organizers make harder to reach areas more accessible. These help to eliminate digging through cluttered and inaccessible shelves in pantries.

Peg System

5. Peg system:

If you want to keep things in place with the ability to change the layout around as needed, this one’s for you! Installing pegs in a drawer helps to make storing delicate dishes and plates easy.

Glass Cabinets

6. Glass Doors:

Do you have items you would like to display in your kitchen? You can do that in a classy way by adding glass upper cabinets with lighting.

Plugmold & Under Cabinet Lighting

7. Under Cabinet Lighting:

Not only does under cabinet lighting look nice, it comes in handy when prepping and using the counter space directly under the lights.  In addition to lighting, another under cabinet feature is plug molding, which allows for your outlets to be concealed.

It’s important to make your kitchen work for you and function the way you need it to. There are a lot of ways to incorporate kitchen cabinet accessories that will make your space truly yours. Contact us to get started; we would love to help you!


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