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Our 5 Favorite Finds From KBIS 2024


Every year, the Custom Craft team looks forward to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), where we get to see the latest trends, technology, and inspiration in kitchen and bath design. This year did not disappoint; we can’t wait to share our takeaways with our Montgomery County homeowners. Here are our top 5 favorite finds from KBIS 2024:


1.   Innovative Sink Shapes & Textures

Creative sink design was an exciting new trend highlighted at KBIS, from flower-shaped handles to faucets to basins. We observed circular wheel-shaped handles, flat, curved, and angular faucets, and eye-catching textures like the Daniel Arsham-inspired Rista sink shown here.


Produced by Kohler, this sink uses the latest 3D printing technology to play with shape and texture, transforming the basic bathroom sink into a work of art. Expanding on this trend, we also saw brightly colored scalloped and rippled concrete sinks by Kast and ultra-stylish sink and shower handles by Kallista.   

2.  Workstation Sinks

The bar has been raised for kitchen sinks, and now workstation sinks are in high demand. It’s easy to see why — homeowners love all the convenient features like cutting boards, mixing bowls, colanders, foldaway drying racks, and even glass rinsers that quickly and efficiently rinse out drinkware with a powerful jet of water. These accessories fit neatly into the sink thanks to a built-in ledge (or two!) around the perimeter, which frees up counter space and makes cleanup a breeze. 

3.      PITT Cooking

Home chefs everywhere are celebrating these innovative burners that they can customize to fit their needs. PITT Cooking, a Holland-based company, has developed a way to install burners directly into your countertop, with no steel or glass surrounding them. This way, the burners can be spaced however you’d like, allowing you to leave enough room to use them simultaneously and configure them for a tailor-made cooking experience.

4.      Top-Notch Technology

One of our favorite things to see at KBIS is the up-and-coming technology that opens up worlds of opportunities in our homes. Here are some tech highlights from this year’s show:


Kohler Numi 2.1 toilet


To anyone with a family member who takes too long in the bathroom: DO NOT show them this toilet. The Numi 2.1 toilet from Kohler makes doing your business feel like a trip to the spa with its unique shape built for comfort, personalized cleansing features, a motion-activated automatic lid that opens and closes on its own, a heated seat, and much more.   


LG Styler Steam Closet


This steam closet sanitizes, deodorizes, and dries with the touch of a button. Perfect for freshening up and getting the wrinkles out of your dress clothes before a night out, quickly drying your kids’ coats after they come in from outside, or even shaking the allergens off a rug before your guests come over.  


LG AI Robot


The future has arrived! This charming little companion patrols around your home on two wheels, monitoring and alerting you to anything that might require your attention. It can connect to appliances and lighting and let you know if you left a light on or a window open. Its AI technology can even read emotions and have simple conversations with you. You can have it remind you to take medications, give you a weather report, or update you on traffic before you leave for work in the morning.  


Kohler Stillness Bath


Just as we began to question whether bathtubs are necessary, Kohler has unveiled their Stillness Bath. This Japanese-style soaking tub incorporates water, fog, light, and aromas to immerse all your senses for a Zen-like experience. Fully customizable with several experience options, this small but mighty tub has everything you need to relax and rejuvenate.   

5.      Pops of Color

If there was one trend KBIS confirmed, it’s that bold, vibrant colors are making their way into our homes. We saw ceramic sinks in every color of the rainbow, Barbiecore pink refrigerators, marigold yellow ranges, pastel shower heads, and more. With a wide range of colors and options available, there’s something for every style. Whether you’re ready to go bold with an entire appliance or maybe just the handle, these pops of color are a great way to personalize and bring self-expression to your home.



We hope you’ve enjoyed a sample of the exciting new ideas from KBIS as much as we have. Feeling inspired? Contact us to get your next project started!

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